What we are


Are you seized with complex problems that are hampering your business? We will interact with you to understand the problem & evaluate the availability of data in your organization. We, at DataVal Analytics, have the necessary expertise to use machine learning and data sciences to address your needs. We can help you in discovering patterns hidden in your data to solve your problems and make your business grow


Are you sitting on heaps of data but cannot make sense of it? Data speaks a language that is difficult to comprehend, especially when the volumes are large. We, at DataVal Analytics, can help design solutions that will identify weak links in the process and recommend measures to optimize your business. Harnessing the potential of data science and big data technologies, we will create the ideal solution for your business needs


Are you contemplating deploying big data solutions that will positively impact your business? Call in the experts! We, at DataVal Analytics, have a wealth of experience in deploying big data solutions for global customers. We have developed a big data analytics platform (dVAP), using open source technologies. We can help deploy the complete solution stack to meet your requirements optimally within a short time frame

What we have

d-VAP (DataVal Analytics Platform) is a big data analytics platform that enables data integration, exploration, analysis and visualization to meet your business requirements.  The platform has been built using open source technologies that offer optimal performance to handle large volumes of data in real time. The solution platform eliminates complexity in integrating disparate sources, transforming and analyzing them to discover valuable insights


The platform provides the flexibility to integrate across disparate data sources. It has the ability to connect seamlessly across different data sources and carry out on-the-fly transformation for further analysis. The retrieved data can be re-organized based on the task that needs to be executed


The data ingested can now be analyzed using machine learning algorithms. The platform has been optimized to work on large volumes of data using distributed computing architecture along with workflow management so that the tasks can be coordinated & executed in real time


The insights and patterns retrieved by data mining algorithms can then be visualized in an interactive manner to correlate with the business process on ground. Flexible display modules provide the capability to dynamically change the representation to best suit the needs of the user



What we do

mobile tower

While mobile infrastructure companies have the ability to operate without human presence, a huge effort goes into ensuring the infrastructure  up time. We can analyze sensor signals from these sites in real time to predict outages and improve efficiency of operations

Infrastructure Analytics


Humans are smart in interpreting data, but machines are smarter because of the volumes it can handle. We use machine learning algorithms to build models to identify entities across disparate data sets. These algorithms can be used to de-duplicate customers to connect the dots

Consumer Analysis


Vehicles today are armed with smart mechanical systems recording information on each sub system. Information gleaned from these smart devices can help predict vehicle breakdown. We can now help you shift from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance

Fault Prediction

Smart Meters record energy consumption patterns of customers. We can now cluster customers and accurately predict their consumption in the future so that power generation can be optimized. The prediction is made more accurate by overlaying weather data.

Consumption Prediction


Customers leave a tell tale sign each time they interact or transact with the system, which speaks volumes about them. We can analyze your data to predict churn, improve marketing, cross sell/ up sell and carry out product enhancement.

Customer Analytics


Dr. Sam Pitroda is an internationally respected telecom inventor, entrepreneur, development thinker, and policy maker who has spent 50 years in information and communications technology (ICT) and related global and national developments. Credited with having laid the foundation for India’s telecommunications and technology revolution of the 1980s, Dr. Pitroda has been a leading campaigner to help bridge the global digital divide. He holds around 20 honorary PhD’s, close to 100 worldwide patents, and has published five books and numerous papers and lectured widely all over the world. In addition, Dr. Pitroda is a serial entrepreneur and has started several companies in the United States.

Dr Sam Pitroda founded DataVal Analytics to build a company, that has core capabilities in big data analytics and can help companies solve complex probelms on a strong foundation of technology.

"DataVal will truly help organizations discover the value of data..."

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