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Why We Do It

We believe in the idea that problems are fun!!! It tests us, challenges us and gives us unparalleled satisfaction once we overcome it. We also believe in the universality of mathematics and love applying it in an innovative manner to benefit clients.

Process of Data Collection

Current Initiatives

  • We are working on Hindi Language Translation to different regional Languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi etc. using Deep Learning Networks retaining the content as close to original using own algorithms .

    Regional Indian Language Translation
  • As a part of Smart City initiative, we are deploying a variety of solution for  Municipal Corporation / Smart Cities which comprises of a collection of IoT Sensors deployed across the city to measure Air Quality Index. The data collected is relayed to a Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) where post big data analytics  automatic alerts would be generated if the air quality degrades below a threshold and actions would be taken by the stakeholders for remedy. This data will also be displayed to the citizen through outdoor display boards.

    Air Quality Index Monitoring
  • To ensure farmers receive a good return eliminating the middlemen, we are working along with a client to create a marketplace for farmers. Images captured of their produce is uploaded to our application server where we are running our Image Processing and AI based solution. This solution generates a quality and quantity report for the crop.

    Crop Quality & Quantity Analysis

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